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Meyrick, 1880

The Bedelliidae are a small family of small moths with narrow lanceolate wings.
Adults have a tuft of scales on the vertex, and a dense pecten of scales on the antennal scape, not quite forming an eye cap, as in the Lyonetiidae. They are differentiated from other yponomeutoid families by internal and wing venation characters.
Larvae are leafminers. Until recently this group was treated as a subfamily within the Lyonetiidae; we follow Dugdale et al. (1999) in treating it at the family level. Eighteen species of Bedelliidae are known worldwide, all in the genus Bedellia. Fourteen of these are restricted to Hawaii, and two species are known from continental North America; one of the latter has re- cently been found in AB. Th ere is no recent species-level taxonomic work on the group, but the AB species was illustrated by Parenti (2000) and Powell and Opler (2009).

R Bedellia somnulentella (Zeller, 1847) Aug - bg T: Parenti (2000), Powell e Opler (2009)