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Meyrick, 1894

The Blastobasidae are a family of moths of the superfamily Gelechioidea. Members of this species can be found almost everywhere in the world, albeit in some places that are not native, but introduced by humans.
The classification is not unanimous and often these moths are included in the Coleophoridae as a subfamily Blastobasinae. Adults are typically small, slender moths that at a glance exhibit a lack of noticeable characters as he noted entomologist Edward Meyrick once described the group as "moths of a dark and boring color, definitely the least attractive of the Lepidoptera family".
Their coloring is generally reddish-brown , without sharp streaks or large spots on the wings. The head is smooth, with moderately long antennae, which are each located in the middle of the head.
Wingspan in this family ranges from 11 to 25 millimeters, more than ten times as wide as the thorax.