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Stainton, 1858

The Choreutidae are a family of lepidoptera whose taxonomy has long been disputed. Initially inserted in the superfamily Yponomeutoidea in the family Glyphipterigidae and subsequently in the superfamily Sesioidea it is now considered the representative of one's superfamily: Choreutoidea (Minet, 1986) *.
The relationship of the family with other lines in the Apoditrysia group needs re-evaluation, especially with the new molecular data. These moths are found all over the world, with 19 genera divided into three subfamilies. These small moths often carry metal scales, move with a jerky flight, and are mostly diurnal, although some species are attracted to artificial light. Some tropical specimens, such as the Saptha genus, have a spectacular appearance, with bright green metal strips. Members of the Brenthia genus, usually located in the Brenthiinae subfamily, have snails on their wings to mimic jumping spiders (Rota and Wagner, 2006).

* Minet, J. (1986). Ébauche d'une classificazione moderne de l'ordre des Lépidoptères alexanor 14 (7): 291-313.