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Euchromius ocelleus

(Haworth, [1811])

  • Subfamily: Crambinae
  • Wingspan: 16-27 mm
  • Flight period: Apr - Oct
  • Spread: Common
  • Host plants: Poaceae


The Euchromius ocelleus also known as Necklace Veneer is a moth of the Crambidae family, subfamily Crambinae, with a wingspan of 15-18 mm.
It is a very widespread species, found mainly in tropical and subtropical regions, but, as a migrant species, it is quite easy to meet it throughout Europe. *
In Italy it is also present in the islands. *
It was recorded in Africa ** and North America ***

The Euchromius ocelleus has the background color of the front wings is creamy white, densely suffused with ocher and dark brown flakes. The median zone is crossed by two parallel ocher yellow lines, the same color as the three lines near the apex which start from the outer edge to end on the costa, crossing the median and radial areas. The outer margin, from the cubital area to the inner corner, has a double row of points, black the inner row, metallic silver the row on the edge. The hind wings are translucent white with shades of gray-brown along the edge.

Adults are visible from April to October in habitats where host plants are present. The generations vary from one to two depending on the Latitude

The larvae feed on Poaceae mainly on Zea mays (corn) and Sorghum bicolor (sorghum).

* Lepidoptera mundi - Fauna Europea
** Revision of the species of the genus Euchromius Guenée, 1845 (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Crambinae) occurring in the Afrotropical region
*** Butterflies and Moths of North America -

Euchromius ocelleus
Euchromius ocelleus
Euchromius ocelleus
Euchromius ocelleus
Euchromius ocelleus