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Stainton, 1854

The Gelechiidae are a family of moths belonging to the homonymous and little studied superfamily Gelechioidea . Their relationships with other families and the demarcation of the family itself have been the subject of considerable controversy. These moths are generally very small with narrow fringed wings.
The larvae of many species internally feed on various parts of their host plant, sometimes causing galls (malformation excrescing that forms on the leaves, branches, trunk and roots of plants and due to parasitic infections by fungi, bacteria, insects or mites).
By the end of the 20th century, over 900 genera with a total of more than 4,500 species had been placed in this family, with around 650 species known in North America alone. While these figures are certainly surpassed thanks to many of the re-evaluations of the Gelechioidea superfamily and new descriptions of moths, however they serve to give the idea of ​​the enormous biodiversity contained in this important family. Being abundant and fertile, many species are agricultural pests.
The nomenclature of members of this family is subject to constant variations and therefore some names may be incorrect. * An example of this, it's a part of the genus Syncopacma , synonymous, widely accepted and diversified with Aproaerema , resulting in numerous nomenclatural changes. **

* Commented checklist of European Gelechiidae (Lepidoptera) -
** Aaarvik et al. (2017)