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Stainton, 1854

The Gracillariidae are an important insect family of the order Lepidoptera and it is the main family of leaf miners which includes several economic, horticultural or recently invasive weeds, such as the horse chestnut miner Cameraria ohridella .
There are 98 described genera of Gracillariidae and a comprehensive checklist of all currently recognized species is also available. *
Many tropical and afrotropical species are not described but there is an online catalog, which is constantly being implemented.

These moths are usually small (5–20 mm wingspan). The subfamilies differ in the resting posture of the adult moth. **
Most Gracillariinae rest with the front of the body raised steeply. The Lithocolletinae and the Phyllocnistinae rest with the body parallel to the surface. The Lithocolletinae in particular often hold the head lowered. **

* (de Prins and de Prins 2005)
** (Davis and Robinson, 1999)