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Spuler, 1898

The Incurvariidae are a family of small primitive moths, in the past they were placed within the division Monotrysia , in the order Lepidoptera. There are twelve recognized genres. *
Many species are leaf miners. The spearhead-shaped wings are held tightly along the body when at rest. The head is covered with dense scales, which appear close to the cephalic capsule particularly near the vertex, as in the Heliozelidae family.
The eggs are laid one at a time, usually under the epidermis of a twig of the host plant, sometimes even directly in the petiole of a leaf. **
The larvae of the Incurvariidae grow mainly on host plants belonging to the Myrtaceae families.

*(Davis, 1999)
** Heath, J. and Emmet A. M. (Eds.), Emmet. A.M. - Nepticulidae; Heliozelidae, in The Moths and Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland, vol. 1, BlackwellScientific Publications & Crwen Press, 1976, pp. 171-267, 300-306
*** The Monotrysia are a group of moths in the order of the Lepidoptera, not currently considered a natural group or clade. Apart from the recently discovered family Andesianidae, most of the group consists of small and relatively little studied species.