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Harris, 1841

The Lasiocampidae They are a family of medium-large sized moths, widespread in all continents with over 200 genera, divided into nearly 2000 species. They represent the only family of the Lasiocampoidea superfamily.
These moths show a prevalence of colors between yellow and red-brown, both in the wings and in the body, which is usually covered with a thick hair. Some species may instead have a green color, such as to allow them to blend in with the leaves that surround them.

Some of their characteristics are be listed below: The antennae are bipettinate in both sexes, the spiritromba (proboscis) is absent or very reduced, and in any case not functioning; the maxillary palps are absent, while the labial ones can have various dimensions, at times they are straight and at times bent to form a sort of protruding snout. *
In many species there is a strong sexual dimorphism represented both by the coloring of the wings and by the size. Females tend to be slower than males and in some species they may also be wingless .

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