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Heppner, 1982 ****

The Millieriidae are a family of microlepidoptera initially inserted as a subfamily (Millieriinae) of the Choreutidae family. It is currently considered a separate family with three genera (Milleria (Ragonot 1874), Nyx (Heppner, 1982) and Phormoestes (Heppner, 1982)), it does not have an assigned superfamily.

Based on the evidence from morphological and molecular studies, Millieriinae were excluded from Choreutidae and raised to family level by Rota. *
Rota and Kristensen * compared the thoraco-abdominal joint of the Millieriidae with those of the Choreutidae and found that, unlike the Choreutidae , the Millieriidae do not have lateral extensions on the apodemes of the sternum.
Other recent molecular phylogenies have placed Millieriidae as a sister family of Immidae or in a clade (group) with Urodidae and Schreckensteiniidae **, but with weak support to the branch in both analyzes. ***

* (Rota e Kristensen 2011)
** (Heikkilä et al. 2015).
*** All taxonomic references can be found at -
**** Dissemination site, dedicated to the butterflies and moths of Italy -