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Herrich-Schäffer, 1846

The Thyrididae are the only family of the superfamily Thyridoidea , family previously included in the superfamily Pyraloidea but an inclusion no longer supported by the cladistic taxonomy.
These are mostly small and medium sized moths, with the exception of some tropical and sub tropical species where this family is most widespread.

These moths vary greatly in coloration ranging from moths with bright colors to others with hues reminiscent of dry leaves. The moths of some types are purely diurnal. *
They have a robust body, with relatively short wings, the color pattern is similar on both the front and rear wings. The moths perch in a distinctive position, with the body raised, the central legs not touching the substrate and the wings held open.
Caterpillars feed hidden inside rolled up leaves or burrow into stems; some induce galls. *

The only representative of this family in Europe is the Thyris fenestrella .

* Butterflies and Moths of North America -