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Grapholita (Grapholita) lunulana

([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

  • Subfamily: Olethreutinae, Grapholitini
  • Wingspan: 12-17 mm
  • Flight period: May - Jul
  • Spread: Common
  • Host plants: Fabaceae


The Grapholita lunulana is a moth of the Tortricidae family with a wingspan of 12-17 mm.
Present in almost all of Europe with the exception of a large part of the Balkan Peninsula and Ukraine. *
Its range extends to Asia Minor, Central Asia, Siberia and North Africa and North America. *, ***
In Italy it is also present in the islands. *

The front wings of the Grapholita lunulana have an olive brown background color. The surface of the wing is sprinkled with points of ocher light. The median band is represented by a short white stripe.
The ocellus is moderately well developed, and contains three or four small dashes or black points, and is bordered laterally by a series of metal striae. The hind wings are brown with white shades more evident in the male. **

Univoltine moth, adults are visible in the period between the months of May and July depending on the latitude on grassy slopes and meadows.
The larva feeds first on leaves and then lives in pods, feeding on seeds. The presence of the larva in the pods is noted in early July, when the latter show a slight yellowing near the base. In the month of August the pods, due to the presence of the larva, become deformed and twisted in an evident way.

The Larva of the Grapholita lunulana has an orange color, the head that varies from light brown to blackish brown, or black. The protothorax is broad and flat, with a variable color from brown to blackish brown. ****
It has a whitish or yellow medial sulcus.
The pupa 8 mm long, is reddish-brown in color wrapped in a cocoon of hard silk, gray in color and found in the larval dwelling or in the soil.

Larval host plants are some Fabaceae such as Lathyrus montanus, Lathyrus such as Lathyrus, Lathyrus linifolius, Lathyrus pratensis and Lathyrus tuberosis, Pisum sativum (pea) and Vicia sp. (vicia). Trifolium recordings are unlikely. ****

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** Bestimmungshilfe für die in Europa nachgewiesenen Schmetterlingsarten -
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Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana
Grapholita lunulana