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Stephens, 1829

The Yponomeutidae also called Ermine moth are a family of moths in the order Lepidoptera of the superfamily Yponomeutoidea . The Yponomeutidae family is made up of about 600 species, most of them in the tropics.
The larvae tend to form common nests and some are pests in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. *, **

Some of the adults of the tropical species have an elaborate and particular livery. Adult moths are minor pollinators.
The taxonomy of the family is still uncertain some authors for example also include the Plutellidae as a subfamily of the Yponomeutoidea .

The moths of the Yponomeutidae family are small to medium in size, with wingspans ranging from 8 to 31 mm. The head has mostly smooth scales and the labial palps are curved upward. The wings are long, often with fringes.
The color is usually white, light gray or gray, often with many dark spots. **
They have mostly nocturnal habits. The larvae are leaf miners and skeletonizers found on a wide variety of host plants.

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