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Coleophora cf. adelogrammella

Zeller, 1849

  • Subfamily:
  • Wingspan: 13-15 mm
  • Flight period: Jul - Sep (data not certain)
  • Spread: Common
  • Host plants: Caryophyllaceae


The Coleophora adelogrammella is a small moth of the Coleophoridae family, with a wingspan of 13-15 mm.
Widespread in Europe from the Scandinavian peninsula to the Iberian peninsula, in Corsica, Italy, Macedonia and Thrace and from France to Hungary.

The front wings have a cream background color, with streaks ranging from hazelnut to ocher that cross them lengthwise. A sometimes intense black dusting is visible along the entire length of the wing. The edges are strongly fringed. The hind wings are gray also strongly fringed. The antennae are presented in dotted lines in the colors of the wings.

The certainty of the species is possible only with the dissection of the genitals, and therefore the cf. is a must .

They overwinter in the larva stage. The larvae create a 7-7.5mm tubular silk cocoon from where they undermine the leaves of their host plant. In spring, in addition to the leaves, they feed on the stems. **

The larvae are oligophages , they feed on Caryophyllaceae including Dianthus sylvestris, Petrorhagia prolifera and Petrorhagia Saxifraga.

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Coleophora adelogrammella
Coleophora adelogrammella
Coleophora adelogrammella
Coleophora adelogrammella
Coleophora adelogrammella