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Bruand, 1850

The Coleophoridae are a family of small moths, belonging to the superfamily Gelechioidea . Represented on all continents, most are found in temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. Therefore common in the Palaearctic, and rare in sub-Saharan Africa, South America and Australia, it is very likely that they are native (like most or all other Gelechioidea families) of northern Eurasia.

About 95% of the more than 1,000 species described were placed in the genus Coleophora . Many proposals have been made to separate the smaller genera from Coleophora , but few of these have been accepted, due to uncertainties as to which species are closest to the Coleophora genus. These "microfalenes" are generally thin in build. The larvae initially feed internally on the leaves, flowers or seeds of their host plants. When they emerge to feed externally, they usually build a protective silk case.

Being very small in size they are very difficult to catalog, if not through microscopic examination, therefore in this page you will find mostly only general indications but not the certain definition of the genre.