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Coleophora cf. pseudolinosyris

Kasy, 1979

  • Subfamily:
  • Wingspan: 12-14 mm
  • Flight period: Jul - Aug (data not certain)
  • Spread: Common
  • Host plants: Galatella - Tripolium


The Coleophora pseudolinosyris is a small moth of the Coleophoridae family, with a wingspan of 14-17 mm.
In Europe are visible in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and southern Russia . In Italy it is absent from the islands. *

The front wings have an ocher / brown background color, white streaks are visible along the wing. The costa is white, this color is present up to the apex. A slight black dusting is visible along the entire wing. The edges are strongly fringed in brown ocher. The hind wings are ocher / brown, strongly fringed, almost "feathered".
The antennae are thread-like dotted in thin lines of ocher and white. The head, chest and shoulder are light brown in color. In appearance it appears finer and elongated than its congeners

The certainty of the species is possible only with the dissection of the genitals, and therefore the cf. is a must .

Adults are see in the period between July and August but the flight period data is uncertain
The larvae feed on the developing fruits. The case is unknown, probably similar to that of Coleophora linosyris .***

The larvae feed on the developing fruits and flowers of Galatella sedifolia cana, Galatella punctata and Tripolium pannonicum ***.
Baldizzone ao (2004a) also mentions Tripolium pannonicum; this requires further confirmation.

* Lepidoptera mundi - Fauna Europea
** Plant Parasites of Europe
*** Baldizzone ao (2004a)

Coleophora pseudolinosyris
Coleophora pseudolinosyris
Coleophora pseudolinosyris