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Scythris (Eudia) seliniella

(Zeller, 1847)

  • Subfamily:
  • Wingspan: 12-15 mm
  • Flight period: May - Jun
  • Spread: Uncommon
  • Host plants: Peucedanum oreoselinum


The Scythris seliniella is a moth of the Scythrididae family with a wingspan of 12-15 mm. It is found in Albania, Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and regions of the former Yugoslavia. *
In Italy it is not present in the major islands. *

The coloring of the front wings varies from light brown to dark brown, almost black, almost always with just hinted purple reflections, the outer edge is fringed. The rear wing is narrower, with the same coloring as the front wings but more subtle, with strongly fringed edges.

The hind wings are similar to the anterior ones but the basal and discal region are of an intense orange color, the termen is brown with red and white shades, the apex is orange

Little is known about this little moth, classified for the first time by Zeller 1839.

The larvae, visible in the months of April and May, feed on Peucedanum oreoselinum, have also been reported on Cytisus (Genista) sagittalis, but these reports need to be verified. **

* Lepidoptera mundi - Fauna Europea
** Bestimmungshilfe für die in Europa nachgewiesenen Schmetterlingsarten - -

Scythris seliniella
Scythris seliniella
Scythris seliniella
Scythris seliniella