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Latreille, 1809

TThe Pyralidae are a family of Lepidoptera which includes about 6200 species; they are part of the Pyraloidea superfamily together with the Crambidae family.
According to some authors, some subfamilies of the Crambidae belong to this family even if some characteristics both in the adults and in the larvae differ from the Pyralidae .
Adults in this family often keep their wings folded to the side, in a flat fold, or rolled up, making their bodies look like sticks.
Wing openings for small and medium-sized species are generally between 9 and 37 mm with variable morphological characteristics. *, **
The Pyralidae are divided into 5 subfamilies: Chrysauginae , the Epipaschiinae , the Galleriinae , the Phycitinae and the Pyralinae .
A member of this family, well known to man, is the Plodia interpunctella also known as the moth of wheat or Food moth, a small moth that infests cereal flours, pasta, dried fruit, animal organics, preservatives, etc..

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